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“She’s an original thinker.”

Charles J.

At 5, I had my first orgasm. Blessed with parents who encouraged reading. I learn to read from Masters & Johnson, Alfred Kinsey and peeking at Playboy to learn about sex.

At 15, my first male lover. Disappointed, I did lots more experimenting and research.

At 20, 150 lovers later, I became a missionary. Celibate and proselytizing across America and Mexico for 12 years.

At 33, I quit, hitting my salvation quota (3) and became a lifestyle Dominatrix then went professional at 50.

At 51, I won the Southern California Leather Woman 2010 title. Bridging the fetish and vanilla worlds in knowledge and politics.

Between all that fun, I got 3 degrees, wrote 8 books, owned executive recruiting and coaching firm. I did community service with US Draft Board, Texas Nursing, banking and dozens of local boards.

At 52, I went to my first Burning Man my kundalini awakened. Which connected my spiritual experiences to my sexual, emotional, intellectual and instinctual intelligence.

At 53, I left my two apartments in Beverly Hills, and moved to Thailand to learn all things spiritual. I studied full time under Mayan and Taoist Shamans, and a plethora of healers and teachers that come to Asia.

And at 58, I started curating Optimized Life Experiences. A week of great healers and therapists for personalized, healing experience in Ecuador.

A 2x survivor of cancer. Chemotherapy damaged my immune, endocrine and fertility systems. I’m the canary in the coal mine when it comes to pesticides and sugar toxicity. I had to learn the best of health in this environmentally toxic world.

I practice my spiritual life as a Quaker. A quote from the founder’s wife sums up the practice: ” I know what Moses and Jesus said, but what does thou say?”

Life Maps taught me about my personality weaknesses and how to improve them. Knowing thyself more is the first duty to yourself.

As an Oracle, my job is to help you remember your purpose and use tools to expand consciousness. We have access to the Fifth Dimension and lots to learn along the way.


What Is An Oracle?