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Woke Folks Festival

Woke Folk Festival: sponsored by the Blackpackers of SE Asia group in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This first-time event was a week-long community event of sold out, multi-venues of ‘woke days and dope nights’.

Evolving Caravan

Evolving Caravan – 4 day immersive personal, corporate and community development retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This private tour of seekers experienced individual health modality sessions, group exercises, and sacred medicine journey.

Intention Circle & Healers Fair

Healers Fair weekend fair of healers talks, health technology, sound therapy, and an Intention Circle. Eight professional, Claire activated healers working in unison with individual clients. Based on the book The Power of Eight, and The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart.

Optimized Life

7 Day customized retreats to optimize your mental, emotional and intellectual strengths. Learn the secrets to the Valley of Longevity with conscious dining, natural and sacred medicine journey and a team of human development professionals.