The cool thing about this life is there are road maps we created for ourselves that are hidden in the time, date and location of our birth.  We set into motion how and why we are playing this game of life and it’s up to us to use the information or go through life blind always wondering.

It’s not until we get lost that we need the maps, or when we can’t operate a piece of equipment that we need to read the owners manual.

​The four readings in one give you the purpose you set out for your self in this life through the Mayan systems of synchronization. The operating manual for life with Human Design and the relationships and personality leverages with Taoist tools.  And Face Reading shows the decisions you have made thus far.

This two hour session provides you with a whole life overview to understand, accept and thrive in being your unique best self.

I​t’s a one to one private look at your life from various ancient and modern astrological systems.  I’m your reference librarian going through this information to help you understand the things important to know in this life experience.

  • ​Mayan Astrology – We choose our parents and the time we are born.   The Mayans understood the synchronicities of time from the fourth dimension.  You learn your purpose in this incarnation from Mayan Astrology from the Law of Time.


  • Human Design – We all have a Human Design that shows us how best to operate our lives to save frustration and/or bitterness from destroying our purpose.  This system based on 6 different disciplines: Western Astrology, I Ching, Chakras, Kabbalah,  Neutrino Science and Quantum Physics provides the essential best use of the biosphere we call the body from Jovian Archives.

  • Taoist Astrology – We exist as part of a community. Taoist Astrology shows us the relationships we excel with and how we can mature to prosper in both intimate and professional dealings.

  • Face Reading – Trained by Mac Fulfer in the Greek tradition of Phrenology or Head reading.  Your face tells your story.  I’ll share with you what you reflect and the decisions you have made.

We’ll schedule the call via an online service and review these four self-knowledge systems.

The call is 2.5 hours, first I will spend time researching and gathering your report information (30 minutes).  This 14 page Google Doc report gives you your purpose, best relationship matches and the operating manual for mastering your life and business.  Your report comes with additional referrals for in-depth personal readings from recommended providers and resources for your own self-study. You’ll have enough tools to dive deep on your own with video and printable resources.

$ 289 for research, Live Face Reading and review of astrological reports.

Please be in a brightly lit space for this session. And upon ordering, provide with your birthdate, time and location.

*Human Design is dependent on having your birth time.