Do this for yourself, your partner and for the relationship you want and deserve to have or keep.

​You deserve to be heard, and know what your higher conscious is trying to teach you through this intimate and emotional issue. I help you navigate those waters from my experiences of love and marriage(s), religious and cultural norms and expectations of yourself. And together we work toward obtaining the intimate and loving journey you desire.

​Unlearning the lies, programming and rules that have held us back. And growing intimately with our heart, mind, and body is part of the work. But more importantly, you need to be heard and supported. I love that part.

What’s it like talking to me. Check out this brief introduction about my background.

When you are ready to chat. Please provide two times of the day when we can talk and your preferred medium to reach me:

Skype: Phyllis Rawley

Facebook: Phyllis Serene

Zoom: Phyllis Serene

What’s Ap: Phyllis Serene Rawley

Line: Phyllis Rawley

Rate is $79 USD for 60 minutes.