Online Yoni Egg Yoga Class


Yoni Egg Workshop – A practical workshop and exercise class for muscle strengthening, uterine wall support, bladder function control and powerful orgasms! Learn the unique techniques to improve your physical, mental and emotional states any time, anywhere.

With just 10 minutes a day you can expect to see results in two weeks. Buy this course for your simple tool to kick up your sex life.

For women in all stages of life. This class is designed to help with or address any of the following issues:

* Women who have pain during sex
* Prolapsed uterus, common after childbirth
* No sexual stimulation from penetration
* Going through or post menopausal
* All stages of pregnancy
* Need to nourish both masculine and feminine energies of the body
* Sexually active or frustrated
* Celibate intentionally or not
* if you struggle with embarrassing leaks
* Improve sexual ability and experience
* If you have a partner with a small penis or an ex with a huge one.

You will learn how to kegel the three different muscle groups using yoni eggs as an exercise tool for full strength and control of your body as it ages. This is a much-needed exercise for everyone.

The class will demonstrate and use yoni eggs.

If you need to purchase a yoni egg, please watch the video to properly choose your size

Order Yoni Eggs here. 

And enjoy the class in the privacy of your own space.