Compare your charts.  Everyone we encounter is here to teach us or we them.  Knowing yourself as well as who you are interacting with will help you navigate the lessons quicker.

​In this Research and this 14-page report you will receive:

Your Taoist Astrological report which gives you an understanding of your personality, best and worst relationships and what you will learn from this relationship.

The Mayan Galactic Signature and the Destiny oracle explains your purpose, life challenges, guides and helpers in this life.  Understanding your partners life choices allow you to respect and honor those choices.

And your Human Design* chart with the textbook, video links and descriptions of your operating manual for this life.

* Time and location are required to obtain an accurate Human Design report.  Please contact me prior if you are not sure of the time.

$189 for research, one-hour audio call, and report sent to you via email.