Many of us have grown up with the rules of culture and religion instructing our sexual awareness and interactions. As we matured we found those principles lacking for effective communication and developing true intimacy with our partners and respect for ourselves.

Sexual Intelligence Series Includes
– Intimate Communications – Consent and Flirting
– Opening hearts for stronger Connection
– Sacred Sexuality – Intro to Tantra and Taoist Sexual Practice

BONUS addition videos include:

– 5 Purposes of Sex
–  Finding your Soulmate
–  Monogamy vs Polyamory
–  Tips for couples in long term relationships
–  Everybody is Kinky
–  Sexual Identity

Hosted at the beautiful Erotic Garden of Mae Rim, Thailand this splendid venue is dedicated to the adoration of the beauty and respect our bodies deserve.  You will receive an email with the access pass to the 9 videos offered in this package.

Sincere thanks to everyone who attended the event.  Look forward to the next one. ​