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February 3 – 4, 2018

Join 2 days of international healers gathered in Pai to intentionally focus on your healing needs. Saturday and Sunday 3 – 4 Feb 10.00 AM  – 6.00 PM.

Intention Circle & Healers Fair is a gathering of clairvoyants, empaths, energy healers, mediums and teachers from America, Jamaica, England, France, and Thailand.

Our calling is to gather healers and teachers to collectively share their gifts in intention circles based on Lynne McTaggart’s book “The Power Of Eight”.

We kick it up a notch by bringing 8 professional healers to work together for rapid results.

The Fair presents talks from the healers who then will offer individual sessions.

Tap into the extraordinary human capacity for connection and healing, using the power of  group intention and its resonant effects. You are invited to sit in the center of the circle for healing. These will be offered on a first come, first served basis and will continue as long as time and energy permits.

Individual sessions available:

  • Face Reading
  • Channeling from ancestors
  • Energy healing and clearing
  • Customized food and health consultation
  • Biospect technology diagnostic
  • Pyralight infrared pain management


Neo-Shamanism is a practice and ongoing exploration of past and present mystical healing methods. Breaking down walls between the seen and the unseen in order to bring the total self into mental and physical balance. Harry Bates will teach and demonstrate his individual method.

Turn your disappointment into destiny: during this illuminating and uplifting session, Evelyn Bandoh will share aspects of her personal story, along with lessons, wisdom, and guidance about how to transmute the energy of disappointment into energy that will fuel you to living out your destiny. If time permits, she will share channeled messages from spirit in reply to questions asked by the audience members.

Superfood specialist Clive G discusses the roles of Cacao and Melanin in the development of our consciousness. Clive is a Jamaican born, Rastafarian trained consciousness alchemist.

Biospect Technology is a unique system of biological analysis that measures and monitors the frequency characteristics of organs and offers highly effective treatment.

The Pyralight combines pulsed near – infra red (850 nm) and a healing pulsed magnetic field at the Schumann 8 Hz frequency. This pulsed field allows stressed and unbalanced areas of the body to start to self heal.

This two-day event is focused on:

  • Going deeply within
  • Insight
  • Healing
  • Information and technology tools for healing and maintaining health

Watch this space for the additional talks description.

Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM

200 Bhat for both days
Healing Intention Circle – 600 Bhat

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